Information about cats of Shirazi

The Cat Shirazi
Cats are among the most famous pets, many of which are reared in the home. Cats are divided into a large number of breeds, according to their characteristics. Among these strains are the cat (the scientific name Felis catus), which has many advantages, Families around the world, such as the beauty of form, cleanliness, as well as the temper calm and moderate, and the cats Shirazi good art adapt to any other pets that are at home without any problems, but needs cat Shirazi special care and super.

Origin of Shirazi cats
The Shirazi cat is of Persian origin, and initially appeared in both Persia and Iran. However, Shirazi cats are more prevalent in the United States. Americans are fond of raising Shirazi cats in their homes, because cats are characterized as friendly And very mild, not known to violence meaning, and quiet in the print, and Shirazi cats are sleeping most of the time, as they are lovers of sleep, Faisal average hours of sleep per day to sixteen hours.

Physical characteristics of Shirazi cats
The most prominent physical characteristics that scientists have concluded when studying Shirazi cats include:

Length: The length of the Shirazi cat is sixty centimeters, and some of them are shorter than that.
Weight: The Shirazi cats are moderate in weight, with a maximum of 4.5 kg.
Fur: ​​This breed of cats is characterized by soft fur, long hair of high density, especially in the shoulders and neck, and the cats have more Shirazi color of fur, there are white, black, gold, orange, and other colors.
Tail: These cats have a short tail, covered with soft thick hair.
Eyes: Eyes are one of the most beautiful things that cats possess. They have wide, round, and shiny eyes. They are very attractive to everyone who sees them. The eyes often take the same color as the fur.
Feet: It has four feet of thick bone, and is short and covered with fur. It is worth mentioning that the nose of the Shirazi cats is also small and short, it does not stand out from the face.
How do you know that Shirazi cats are pregnant?
When the pregnancy of the cat Shirazi shows some symptoms, the level of activity, and shows signs of fatigue and fatigue clearly, and there are some cats that vomit frequently during the early periods of pregnancy, and the color of the eyes are also changing, becoming more and more beautiful , And at the beginning of pregnancy, the cat tries to get the greatest amount of foreplay by the owner, and find them courting him constantly, and ask him caressing.

As the pregnancy progresses, the appearance of his mark begins, the fetus begins to swell, and the breast begins to swell because of its fullness of milk, and so it is until the time of birth, as the cat looks for a safe hiding place, so that no one will tamper with the young ones. Stretching on the side side, begins to divorce, Hatter puts all her young.

The most common diseases that may be exposed to the cat Shirazi
The Shirazi cat, like other organisms, may be exposed to certain diseases. The most prominent of these diseases are:

Kidney failure: It is one of the most difficult diseases that pose a great threat to the life of the cat. This disease affects older cats, and there are several symptoms on the cat when he has the disease, such as urination more than usual, and weight loss significantly; Any food, and cats tend to depression, and unfortunately the disease is very widespread among the Shirazi cats; because it depends on the inheritance more.
Poor breathing: The cat Shirazi has a nose of very small size, and may cause the problem of difficulty breathing, so it is always recommended to place in places with good ventilation, and completely away from any unpleasant odors, because they impede the process of breathing.
Tumor tunnel palace: It is one of the diseases that affect the cats Shirazi, and it results in large problems in the eye, so it is necessary to perform the cleaning of the eye of these cats periodically.
Heart attacks: The Shirazi cat has a heart with a thick wall on the left side, which can cause sudden death in many cases.

How to Care for Shirazi Cats
Cats are the most common types of cats that need attention and attention. Care must be taken of all the details, from the food, the training to use the bathroom, bathing, cleaning her body and ear, combing her hair periodically, attention to her mental state, Continuously, and ask about them like any family member. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to periodically vaccinate the Shirazi cats and carry out full tests to ensure that his health is safe and that there are no hidden diseases in his body.

The most famous types of Shirazi cats
The scientists divided the Shirazi cats into four sections, according to their characteristics, and these sections are:

This species of Shirazi cats is characterized by its very wide and rounded eyes, two small-sized ears and two on each other. The Mon Feiss breed has abundant hair all over its body, a small, high nose and short legs.
The Bicky Fiss strain: This strain is much more similar to the Mone Vis, but the main difference lies in the shape of the eyes.
Himalaya: This species is a mixture of the two former species, when married to the mono Viss, and the Bicky Viss, produces this type, and divided into several sections that are Biki, phone Becky, Himalayan Moon, and Zeitung.