How to raise cats at home

the cats
Cats are one of the best pets that humans love, and they want to raise them inside the house, because they are a source of joy and pleasure, and children love them a lot, but some may refrain from the idea of ​​acquiring a cat; not knowing all the information about them, How to train the right cats? How can I train it? How do I feed it? How do I treat it if I get sick? And other questions, so we have prepared this article to provide you with the largest amount of information about cats.

How to breed cats
The process of raising cats is not easy or easy, before the person starts to buy a cat to know about a lot of information, which will help him greatly in the process of education, and the most important of this information include:

The life of the cat
Cats are highly intelligent, they can easily understand their surroundings, can absorb everything around them very much, while cats are middle-aged; they are between 13 and 15 years old, with some Anomalies, there are cats up to 18 years old if the attention and care is well, and some of them die at the age of less than 13 years, and this occurs in cases of neglect.

When should cats start breeding?
Knowing the right age for raising cats is very important. When a cat is born, it is kept for a long time, and it is best to leave it for at least 50 days. After that, the cat is weaned and the breeding begins, so if you are buying a cat, Choose a cat with a life span of more than fifty days.

We also show you how to train cats.
Where to put the cat?
It is necessary to specify a special place for the cat, sleeping and playing with it, taking into consideration that the place is large and not narrow, because the cats hate the narrow places; they hinder their movement and their ability to play and fun. from home.

Favorite foods for cats

The food eaten by cats varies according to their age, health status and the best person to determine the right food for them is the veterinarian, he determines the type and quantities.

In general, cats can be fed to any type of food, whether homemade or dried. In small children, cats love milk very much, and milk is very useful to them because it provides calcium. However, when pregnant, May cause her death.

Cats also love meat in all its forms, whether boiled, cooked or grilled, but in any case it does not give meat to cats because it makes them so fierce that it can hurt their owner, with the possibility of some diseases.

White meat such as chicken, fish and rabbits are the favorite food of cats, they love to eat, and they also love the liver.

It is worth mentioning that when you make a meal for the cat, be sure to include that meal a food component containing the amino acid named Taurine; because it keeps the color of the eye, and make it more fresh, and also must take into account the cleanliness of water provided to cats, it is the same degree of cleanliness of water provided to humans .

Clean cats
Cleaning is one of the most important things you should know before purchasing a cat for home. Cleaning includes everything related to the cat, from her hair, her nails, her hair, and other parts.

It is known that cats are the cleanest animals, they always suspend their fur in their tongue, so you clean it of any material stuck to it, and also that movement hair styling

And start the task of human cleanliness with cats from the sixth or seventh week of age, and begins training on how to enter the bathroom to spend the need, and this training of the most difficult exercises, but continue to become accustomed to the cat, and enter the bathroom itself, and also be accustomed to bathing, and must Of the time of bathing, so as not to be exposed to disease, in the summer, the process of bathing once a week, and twice at most, and in winter, the shower is only once a month; the fact that the cold atmosphere is a threat to her life, The cat uses his own shampoo, p If shampoo is not available, you can use soap or soaps, while avoiding normal shampoo, because it displays hair loss.

One of the most common mistakes made by cat owners is to cut the cat’s mustache, not knowing that they are at risk. Shark helps the cat maintain its balance, and as it uses it to measure distances when entering a particular place, That process removes the mustache cats feel very upset and angry, and exposed to cases of depression.

Do not forget the cats’ nails, and how to care for them, where you should take care of the nails and trim them whenever necessary, and the process of pruning by the veterinarian, or the competent personnel, and if the cat is not involved in the pruning, may endanger himself; when angry Cat may scratch it And you may scratch the furniture of the house and its furnishings, and there are some people who do not like pruning, in that case they can use a nail cover, and this is available in all animal supply shops.

Some diseases that cats may experience
Cats, such as humans, may become infected with many diseases. They are subject to many vaccinations, such as a small child, so that they can be immunized against any disease.

The vaccination of cats against disease starts from the fourth week of its life and lasts until the 16th week. These vaccinations are divided into major vaccinations such as vaccination against rabies, major viruses, total leukopenia, viral tracheal rhinitis, and other vaccinations Subtypes such as vaccinations against fecal colitis, pordidella, chlamydophloid, and leukemia in the case of older cats.

Mating and pregnancy at cats
Cats are born by mating. Like humans, they want to mate from one time to another. This desire begins to appear after puberty. Normally, the male is about eight months old and starts looking for a female to mate everywhere, In most cases, the male marries every woman he meets, while the female desires to mate at the age of one year, and does not prefer to marry before that age, because the pregnancy may carry early pregnancy risks, and there are symptoms appear on the female shows that she has a desire Mating such as tendency to introversion as well as feeling depressed.

Although the above mentioned age of mating is a general rule, we may find some minor differences in the age of mating according to the breeds and types of cats. For example, Asian cats with short hair, are more likely to mate at the age of 6 months, While other strains such as Shirazi cats and Himalayan cats have a desire to mate, and reached the state of sexual maturity at the age of one year.

It should be noted that there are certain periods of the year in which the mating between cats significantly; the rate increases in those periods for the rest of the year, such as January, February, March, and finally July.

During the mating process, a male sperm is merged with a female ovum and the pregnancy begins, which lasts about 63 days. The cat must be cared for and cared for, and during the pregnancy, the cat starts to look for a place to give birth. , They always tend to put their young people out of sight, so the owner must respect that desire, and even help to provide the appropriate place such as a small carton, so that it is warm and easy and small, and the cat usually put a large number of children up to eight, but Often, young people die, Feng And only part of them, and the cat continues to take care of its young, and breastfeed them for up to fifty days, after which it is possible to take the owner of young cats and begin to raise them.

How To Cuddle Cats And Play With It
Cats are among the most entertaining animals. They add an atmosphere of joy and joy to the house. Cats love to play more with young children. The most important thing about cats is that they may play with themselves if they can not play with them. , As well as objects that may create silhouettes on walls such as lasers and others.

The owner of the cats can pet her in more than one way, such as:

Massage the back and put the hand on it to extinguish the feeling of good on the cats, and this movement pleased cats a lot, but be careful to massage the abdomen, because it causes distress and severe discomfort to cats, and may make them walking away from you.
It is possible to massage the area of ​​the neck and cheek, this method makes the happiness of many cats.
Cats love the method of foreplay by the head, where the individual puts his hand on her head or sides, and begins to massage.

How to raise a small cat in size
For example, when you buy a 2-month-old cat, you have to pay attention to heating the place of her sleep, as well as feeding her continuously, where she provides food almost every two hours, At that age you will begin to get used to eating normal household food, and preferably give her milk also Pebrona like children, because it is very useful at that age, and with the cat’s age increases the amounts of food needed, preferably a veterinarian to organize She has those things.

The most common exercises are the cats
Cats are certainly subject to a large number of exercises, such as:

Training on her name
This training is one of the first exercises that the cat is subjected to at the time of eating. Because the time when the cats are very alert and completely oblivious to the surroundings, the trainer pronounces the name of the cat, With the cat, the more she does something good or responds to the training, the more food is served.

Training to respond to the call
This training takes place before food. When the person brings the food tray, he makes a sound from the alarm machine until the cat comes to him. With the repetition, the cat will get used to it.

Training on the bathroom
This training is one of the most important exercises that must be adapted to the cat so as to get rid of their waste properly. The training begins by assigning a pot to the cat to place its waste, changing it every day until it is placed in the bathroom. At the top of the toilet, the cat is forced to climb the toilet to reach the pot, and then the pot can be completely dispensed with, so the cat spends his toilet in the same way as human, and that training needs patience and perseverance.

Esperance Training
The trainer takes a piece of food and raises it up in front of the cat’s head. The cat is forced to stand on its hind legs while lifting its head up with its front feet. The instrument’s sound is then used to train; The cat understands that it is training, and the piece of food is given to the cat as a kind of reward. After repeated training several times, the cat becomes accustomed to doing that on his own, when he wants to ask for anything.

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Important tips when raising cats
It is not recommended at all to take the cat out of the house in the winter in large numbers, so as not to be exposed to colds, as well as a kind of protection from stray street cats, which spread more in the winter.
In the case of seeing the cat and in her mouth a mouse has caught him, she must be immediately prevented from eating it, take it and then throw it away outside the house
In the winter it is necessary to provide a warm atmosphere for cats, because they like warm places.
Refrain from offering any meat to the cats, because this will expose them to disease and increase their thirst.
Pay attention to the health of cats, and give them vaccinations and various vaccinations.
Care must be taken of the hair of the cats and make sure that there are no insects.
At the end of the article, we would like to mention that cats are a poor animal. They do not have a tongue to express their needs and wishes whether they want food, drink, etc. If you decide to take the cat breeding experience at home, you have to take full responsibility, Which belong to them.