Information about dogs

Information about dogs
Dogs are pets, living with humans in safety, and despite the love of the human dog, and his desire to raise him in the home because it is characterized by high fulfillment, but he does not know much about him, so our interest in the submission of that article, which includes The most important information about dogs.

Highlights about dogs

What is the origin of the dog?
The dog is a classy clan, which includes several species such as the wolf and the fox, but the dog is characterized as less aggressive than those animals, it is the first animal that man was able to tame and coexist with him.

Many things have shown that the dog’s history with humans is very old, up to 60 million years old. Dog skeletons and bones dating back to that date were found in several countries, such as Japan and Denmark, as well as China.

The ancient Egyptians were very fond of the dog. They regarded it as a member of the house, as evidenced by the statue, which was discovered in the pyramids and more specifically in the tomb of Tutankhamun, which consisted of a dog’s head and a human body.

It is worth noting that the age of dogs ranges from 8 to 12 years, and when it is brought to the attention of the whole, in terms of food, drink and health care, and all other details.

How do dogs reproduce?
Dogs multiply through mating, where the female egg is merged with the particular sperm, the embryo begins to form, and the female remains pregnant for 56 to 72 days, after which she puts her children.

When did humans start to take the dog?
The scientists disagreed about the timing of the beginning of human habitation of dogs, a team of them believed that the dogs in the beginning were human wolves, she was self-absorbed, and then began to attract to sites and gatherings of people, and began her journey with them.

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Cemeteries have been discovered in Germany containing the bones of dogs and humans at the same time, those bones return to a long time.

To what extent has man revered the dog?
You may not believe what you are going to read now. The human has revered the dog to the fullest. He did not treat him as an animal, but he regarded him as a human being, and this is what we will infer from the events in the old legends.

For example, the ancient Egyptians had dogs in their homes, and if one of these dogs dies, the house is very sad, and everyone shaves their eyebrows completely, screaming and weeping loudly for several days, the same ceremony of human death, and not only mummification The body of the dog is like human.

Also in the ancient Chinese state, they had a firm belief that dogs were the gift of God from heaven; so they denied her blood, and were very holy, until it came to them that they used to seal faith and the oath of allegiance.

The kebab was also revered in the Americas. There were tribes called the Maya who kept the dog as a pet, and their dogs were associated with the idea of ​​gods. They believed that the dog plays a role when the person dies, if he leads his soul through a watery space called Zebalba, The spirit of the dead reaches the underworld, the dog also assists in crossing great challenges;

How can the dog’s age be determined from the face?
Curiously, it is possible to know how long the dog is likely to experience facial features. Dogs with a flat face live a few years less than those with a sharp, pointed face.

It is important to note that the type of education that is followed to make the face of the dog flat, causing many of the health problems of the dog, it affects the skin and the eye, as well as breathing, as well as reduce the ability of the dog to withstand the heat.

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Some of the toxic foods that dogs should be prevented from taking
There are a number of foods that are toxic to dogs and may cause death if eaten even in very small quantities, such as grapes and raisins. They cause dogs to have kidney failure. Macadamia nuts damage the nervous system of dogs. Garlic and onions, it breaks down in red blood cells, and all the drinks containing caffeine are fatal to dogs.

Dogs’ sense of smell
Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell that goes beyond the levels of olfactory power in humans. For example, a dog can smell and detect the smell of a teaspoon of sugar in two large size swimming pools, while humans can hardly recognize the smell of a spoonful of sugar in a cup of tea.

There are types of dogs that raise the sense of smell to miraculous rates, it was able to recognize the smell of bodies of the dead under the water, while others could smell the smell of natural gas deposits at a depth of more than 40 feet below the ground, and perhaps the surprising thing that Dogs can smell cancer in humans!

The ability of dogs to read body language
The dogs have a great ability to understand the body language and the human signal, as demonstrated by the scientific study; a chimpanzee and a group of children were brought at the age of three, and brought medicine, and placed under one of the two buckets inverted, These buckets, he began to work after the signs that indicate the place of medicine, the chimpanzee was able to understand it, and faster I brought the medicine, while the children were unable to explain the movements.

Dog intelligence rate
Dogs have an average intelligence rate. The IQ of a dog is about 2 to 3 years old. Dogs can understand about 200 words, including movements and signals, and can fool people or other dogs.

Touch is the first sense of the dog
The sense and language of touch is the most important part of the dog, it is an integral part of his social life, and this is due to the fact that touch is the first thing to be exposed to the dog once it is born. When the mother put her new baby, start the process of cleaning the tongue, This results in blood flow to all sides.

Some types of dogs
Different species and breeds of dogs, because of the difference of many characteristics and qualities, and the mating that occurs between the two different breeds help in the production of other strains hybrid, carrying a mixture of qualities of both father and mother, and the most famous dog breeds include:

Great Dan Dog: This breed is large in size, huge and very strong, so humans use it in the guard, and it is spread more widely in the state of Germany.
Dog Ma Lino: This dog is also strong and brave, and is spread in a Belgian state, where it is used in guard.
Burgundy dog: This dog is present in Germany and is also used in guarding, due to its strength and courage.
Paul Mastiff Dog: This dog, like all previous species, has the courage and strength, is also used in guarding, and has a British origin.
Dogberman: This dog is very smart, his IQ is very high, he is very fierce when he finds someone he does not know, and yet he is very obedient to his owner, and is spread in Germany.
The Weiler is one of the guard dogs, who is very fierce and stubborn and of German origin.
This dog is the largest dog in size, has multiple colors, is strong and fierce; it is used in guard operations, and is spread in Russia.
Dog bit urine: one of the most dangerous types of dogs on human life; therefore, it is not recommended to raise him at all.