Information about wheeler dogs

Wheeler Dogs
Dogs are generally loyal and loyal animals, which many people are encouraged to breed and use in guard. Dogs are characterized by many breeds. Today, we will talk about the Rye-Wheeler strain, one of the most powerful dog breeds Miraculous, and this strain is characterized by ferocity and aggressive nature, which made it ready for the purpose of guarding.

The Röller dogs first originated in Germany. Their use at the time was grazing, as well as pulling carts for both farmers and butchers, assisted by their broad muscular breasts, strong shoulders, hard body, strength and rigidity, and the ability to walk fast.

One of the characteristics of the rider is that he is very intelligent and acutely aware, and this is evident from the interview of an outsider, where he follows the method of waiting and exploration, and begins to do certain actions to test the person in front of him and therefore take a certain reaction.

Specifications of Routers and Wheelers
The Röller dog breed has a variety of characteristics that distinguish it from other dogs, in terms of height, weight, fur color and other qualities.

Length: – The length of the Rottle dogs is between 60 and 7 cm, while the female is taller, with a length of 55 to 65 centimeters.
Weight: – The weight of a rider is fairly average, weighing between forty and forty-eight kilograms.
Fur: ​​- The Rott and Eller dog has black fur with some parts of it that are dark brown or copper over the eye, on the legs and bottom of the tail and on both sides of the mouth, giving it a distinctive shape. Or average height as the fur is characterized by hardness and non-spikes.
Head: – The skull of this breed of dogs is that the length of medium and wide at the ear, and when looking at him from the side we find that his forehead curved shape.
Mouth and nose: The Rott-Wheeler has a wide nasal cavity, an average length of mouth compared to the size of the skull, eye color is brown, and if your dog’s eyes carry another color, it is a sign that it is not pure. For the dog’s ear, the rider is flexible, rigid and long, and you find it sloping on either side of the dog’s skull.
Tail: – The tail of the Rottweiler dog is medium in length and takes different forms depending on the position of the dog. For example, the tail is straight in the case of anticipation, while curved down in a relaxed state.

The most prominent diseases that may affect the dog and Rott Wheeler
Dogs such as the rest of the dogs are susceptible to many diseases if their health care is neglected. Diseases that may affect the arm or thigh joint disease. The small puppies of the Rottweiler dogs are susceptible to parvovirus, A serious and deadly virus that shows symptoms in the form of bloody diarrhea if not treated immediately kills the puppy in a few days; therefore, it is important to pay attention to preventive vaccination doses that protect the puppy from exposure to this serious disease.

Is it possible to raise the Rotters in a house with children?
Yes, dear reader You can raise a dog and deer in a house with small children, because this breed of dogs can adapt to the child in a short time and deal with him, but in order to do so must be interested in the dog well, especially in terms of training and special leisure times with it.

However, if there are children in the house, they should not be left alone with the dog, since the dog will immediately try to control them even if the act does not carry the intention of harming them. The dog thinks that it is trying to protect them. In this dog breed, you will always notice that the dog is trying to attract the children towards it and urge them to walk in a fixed and specific path. However, the dog will be removed from the dog with continuous training and expulsion from the child during training or eating. Something with something with home life and children.

The Importance Of Dog Training
One of the most prominent characteristics of the dog is that he is instinctively and instinctively defending his family. When a family member is threatened, the dog does anything unexpected to protect them and in that case it is very difficult and difficult to control. This type of dog since the age of good and teach him obedience to his full and obey his orders, and must be taught mixing with different people and people in general so as not to become aggressive to humans, and it is important that the powerful energy used by the dog and the routine in the implementation of certain tasks periodically.

What happens in the case of neglect of a dog training routine?
The neglect of the routine training of the puppy from the age of infancy is a disaster by all standards. It turns into a very aggressive and cruel dog, assisted by that powerful structure and massive muscle mass, so that the dog can become a source of danger to family members and friends.

It is known that this strain combines both the ability to protect and guard at the same time aggressive and aggressive, so it is necessary to the training and training and training on how to control the breath and calmness and obedience, but if not you will find that the dog He attacks any person who tries to approach his owner, because he believes that this person is a source of harm to the owner. He acts with all his instincts and violence and gathers his strength and brutality in attacking the friend or relative.

Some people may think that cruelty is a favorite and it is necessary to be present in the dog to provide maximum protection, but this belief is completely wrong as a dangerous trait and may harm the family members themselves, thus reaffirming the need for continued training of the Routledge and Wheeler So as to acquire a quiet personality that controls her nerves at different times.

Tips When Raising A Dog
When you make the decision to raise a dog at the house for the guard, you dear readers should follow the right ways to raise it and take care of all details, especially intensive and regular exercises that would gain the status of obedience, calm and rational, as well as attention to health and proper nutrition, and the need to provide care To prevent any disease that may end his or her life.