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Despite its name, the tiger cat or Dasmor is a wild animal that lives in the forest areas of eastern Australia and Tasmania. It has a large cat size and is characterized by the ferocity of the tiger and is shared with both animals in lightness and savvy.

Because he is small, he is resting all day long between the rocks or among the dense trees. He is a fisherman, like a cat, as he hunts wild rabbits, young kangaroos, reptiles, fish and birds. He is a violent greedy creature, but if he is seduced, he acts like any gentle cat.

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When the tiger cat sleeps, it folds its ears to avoid listening to the fuss. An unknown pandemic has for several years killed large numbers of this animal and many other animals of the bronchial.

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Facts About Cat Tiger
The largest species of the diceridae family is the leopard cat (70 cm long including the tail). It helps humans eliminate mice but is a major enemy of the cat. The female gives birth to four to six young people in the fall and is very fond of the young.
The tiger cat may attack larger creatures than that, in addition to birds, rabbits, mice and reptiles. In the picture, we see his teeth being planted in the throat of the heron.
Even after the colonization of Australia, the white man had largely eliminated the dasirus. The peasants were distressed by the absence of these animals because they were hunting, the mice that posed a threat to crops.

National cats with pale hair are used to strolling near Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne and there are looking for mice in addition to their varied exotic food.
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