How to train dogs that lead blind people

Dogs guide the blind
Hundreds of healthy blind people have gained new freedom in work, life, and movement where they want, by helping some of their guide dogs. Training such dogs is long-term and needs special attention. The guide dog should learn how to obey his master’s orders , And should also learn how to disobey his master’s orders. If these commands are unsafe for execution, no dog will be allowed to walk in front of a speeding car, no matter what the blind man commands.

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How to train dogs that drive blind people?
These dogs are called “eye-sighted”, usually German-type SHEPHERD, although Boxers and Labrador dogs are also used for these purposes. It takes three months to train this dog.

First comes training on obedience, Mtla Come .. Sit .. Lying on the ground Stand .. Search, and these exercises are repeated daily as a beginning .. Then put the dog saddle in the form of the character (u), which is skin and has applied concerns, and then learns that the dog He walks to the path of his coach half a step forward. The coach moves like a blind person by bumping into the things he encounters. The dog learns how to guide his hand to avoid such shocks.

And then teaches him how to stand and wait at any turn .. He watches the traffic and calls the cars pass, and regardless of any orders issued to him is walking forward when that walk safe safe, and before the dogs are handed to the blind master, By placing a ring in his eyes and asking the dog to drive him through a crowded traffic area to ensure that the dog is fit for driving and guidance.

And then training the blind and his dog together for four weeks, and daily training dogs to obey the orders of his blind master .. The dog is accustomed to the words of praise issued by his master and then come “Mashawir” serious, and here holds Mr. saddle dog that resembles the letter of (u) , And so they get used to the movements and signals of each other ..

And now they are working harmoniously as if they were two members of a team of play teams, and then go home together to start a new free life for the man Blind