Hunting dogs and their types

hunting dogs
The dog is a carnivore and has been human since the Stone Age, some about 100,000 years ago and some believe it is a mixture of the wolves breed. Others believe that a dog called Pareh, an Indian is a stand-alone breed and that it is the ancestral ancestor of domesticated dogs. People mainly dogs to help them catch, and then used to protect herds of sheep and cows from attacking wolves, and others.

Dogs are now bought as pets, as well as for guard. Certain dogs are also trained on other important tasks such as rescue and helping the police track and detect criminals. Some dogs also train blind people to guide them.

Hunting dog breeds
Many species are used in fishing, and are divided into three groups, the first of which belongs to the guide, which indicates hunting only, the second can find the fishing and then return to the master, and the third strains find fishing, and hunt and kill.

Types of hunting dogs
Hound with smell

This type of hunting dog is focused on the smell of prey during hunting, and uses this type of dog in fighting or training, the task of these dogs is to explore the smell of prey and then the willingness of fishermen to eliminate them.

Optical Hound

There are also types of these dogs barking high and high with the approach of prey and smell, called this type of dogs name of the tracker, and know this type of dogs speed and unity of sight, this type of hunting dogs can see prey from very far distances, and then He moves quietly towards her and follows her until he reaches her. He turns on his prey and kills her.

Dog Guide

Kinds of dogs refer to fishing, used in hunting the hippocampus.

Hunting dogs

Of species suitable for fishing in swamp areas.

A famous dog

Small dogs with a very long body, short legs, and the ability to hunt prey in their holes, and these dogs are currently raised as pets pampered.

Greyhound Dog

One of the most famous types of hunting dogs is the Greyhound, one of the ancient breeds of hunting dogs, a research based in the search and tracking, in addition to this dog participate in many competitions.

Deer hunting dog

The origin of this dog is a large Scottish dog, and the function of this dog is to find red deer for hunters to hunt.