Types of cats with names

Cats Family
The cat family is the most carnivorous animal able to capture its prey, which is a strong body, compared to its size. The family includes many cat species ranging from lion to domesticated cat. The cat family has strong and strong teeth and teeth and is effective for its function. Used to kill prey, cutters and nuts work to shred prey prey with high efficiency.

The cats’ limbs are characterized by sharp claws, and they contract into special membranes that prevent them from touching the ground when the animal walks. This protects them from damage and remains valid for use efficiently.

Types of cats
The domestic cat

There are many types of domestic pets that are raised as pets. The cat is small and cute if it is treated well. If it is threatened, it has to defend itself. The cats have a fine fur that can be all one color: white, black, brown or gray , And perhaps the color of fur is composed of two or three colors, and open the eye of cats or close the line of thin head by the amount of light.

The Wild Cat

Some cats still live a wild, wild life, and that was the way cats lived before they were humanized. In Asia and Egypt, a wild cat believed to be descended from a domestic cat breed and a wild cat was stronger and larger than domesticated species. The birds.

The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is named after the siam, a pet, with pale brown or pale yellow fur, and tends to dark brown in the mouth, nose, ears, tail, and extremities of the feet, and its eyes are usually blue.

The Iranian Cat

Iranian cats have long, thick fur, characterized by wide head, flat faces and the color of their variegated fur. The most common of these cats are white, gray and black, and they are beautiful pets.

The wild cat

The wild cat lives in Europe and North Asia, which is believed to be not the ancestor of the domesticated cat, but descended from another species in North Africa, and the wild cat is difficult to recover. Its body length is 60 cm and its height is 40 cm.

European Lynx

In the forests of Europe and West Asia, and in North America, lynx is characterized by cats with short tail and long hair on their temples. The European context is the main species of this species, characterized by its dense black-edged fur.


It is found in South America and is known as the mountain lion and is mainly settled in the Rockies and the Andes, with a length of 150 centimeters and a height of 60 centimeters. It lives on the prey of mammals until the size of the goats,
This animal is not dangerous to humans.

American paper

It is the average type of cat. This bird is found in the forests of Central and South America. It is the largest species associated with dwelling on trees. It feeds on birds and young animals. Its body length is just over one meter. Its height is 45 cm. It has beautiful fur and trimmings to make it one of the most beautiful cats.

Finally, you continued with us some types of cats and their shape and how it varies from environment to another environment We hope to get the subject of your admiration and more information about the animals we followed daily on the world of animals dot.