Information about Eskimo dogs

Eskimo dog
Eskimo Dog (Eskimo Dog), also known as the German September or Spitz, or the Pomeranian Spitz or the great Alumarianian with other names, is a special breed of dogs that live in snowy areas. It is a loyal dog. It is characterized by strength, courage and intelligence. The ability to defend humans, dogs that like to work very hard and can work for miles and tow the wooden carts with moderate load quickly through long distances in the snow with ease.

Basic Information About Eskimo dogs
It is not lucky for him to have a statue in the most beautiful New York Gardens. The hero of this subject, the Husky, deserves this honor, weighing 40 kg. Beautiful head, strong jaws, eyes of the eyes and two curves, chest wide strong muscles, scattering with a thick scalp under another scalp, the qualifications for a temperature of 50 degrees below zero.

His origin is Asian and he is currently in the far north of Europe, Asia and America. He is enduring and intelligent. He is a wonderful watchdog for herds of cattle and reindeer herds. There is no alternative to transport and traction where everything is ice. For all these reasons, the Iskimo can rightly claim to be an element, without which human life would have been impossible in the far north.

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How to Breed
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Did you know ?
That the elements of a team of these dogs receive 800 grams of dried meat daily? .. And to fill her thirst swallows some snow? … The people’s appreciation of these dogs makes them bury them next to the grave of their owner when they die?

Eskimo dogs, have great energy, and they need to play for 30-60 minutes so you do not feel bored.

In the case of the raising of iskimu indoors, the recommended amount of daily nutrition is from a cup and a half to two cups of dry food, which is divided into two meals.

Facts about the Iskimo
For long distances, in those vast, desolate areas, people are indispensable for the Esquimos, and do not imagine that preparing a team of these dogs for a high degree of harmony and effectiveness is an easy process. It takes a long wait, during which there are jokes between the team’s dogs, ending with a kind of mattress sequence, led by the smart dogs.

The dogs of the eskimo rest and sleep in pits dug in the snow, and completely protect them during the storms, and they get sick if they are transferred to an internal hiding place, because the melting of the snow wet their skin.
The eskimos do not bark, and if they are roused, a long, sharp howl is wailing like wolves, and it fires in the sunny day, in the moonlight, even during storms.
Training the Eskimo dogs starts from a young age, by connecting the puppy with a small sled, trained to drag it, learn the pup to perform his duties, and obey orders.
The brave and even aggressive Iskimo dog does not hesitate to attack wolves and polar bears angrily. The bear, despite its enormous strength, emerges from the battle decadent when a team of these dogs attacked it